The story behind the podcast.

It sorta all started with a tweet…

The origin story of the MKUA podcast began two-fold. I wanted to create a new podcast series and help carve a new landscape in this medium as well as produce content about obscure topics and people. I’ve always been a fan of comics. I tweet about them, have interviewed comic book creators, and I wanted to explore more about my love for this fandom.

Then I remembered an incident that took place with my co-host, Stephanie Williams. She tweeted a concern about the lack of Black women as superheroes. Her tweet went viral, and as a result, she received a lot of vitriol (mostly from men) on Twitter trying to defend the fact that there are films with Black women superheroines. Sadly, with the knee-jerk nature of having to “well actually” someone online and not paying attention to context and nuance, her concerns were quickly dismissed. Stephanie elaborated on this discourse later on an episode of the Lemonade Podcast. After thinking about that exchange and my interest in doing a podcast about Black superheroines, the birth of Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro happened.

So what’s up with the name? I asked Stephanie to come up with a funny, quirky name that would fit the context of this show and she created a spinoff of her Twitter name “Misty Knight’s Twist Out.” I thought it was brilliant and that’s why we stuck with the name. Most importantly, this is a series that will give some love, attention, awareness, and respect our Black superheroines deserve.


-Jamie Broadnax (Executive Producer)