Mari McCabe


Keystone Moments:

    • First Appearance – Superman starring in Action Comic #521 by Gerry Conway, penciler Curt Swan and colorist Gene D’Angelo
  • Mari’s Origin Story – Justice League America #234 Gerry Conway and art by Chuck Patton (1984)
  • Vixen and her uncle the Maksai – Justice League America (1960-1987) Gerry Conway and art Chuck Patton
    234-235 and 239
  • Vixen’s Mini-Solo – Vixen: Return of The Lion G Willow Wilson and art by Cafu (2008)
  • Self-titled one-shot – Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth (Jody Houser, Steve Orlando and Jamal Campbell Jan 2017)
  • Suicide Squad (1987-1992) John Ostrander, art by Luke McDonnell and Carl Gafford 11 and 12 story arc, Return of the Vixen


Hey MKUAPod listeners are you getting frustrated trying to find the Justice League of America Vol. 2 issues Stephanie and Jamie mentioned in the Vixen episode (S1E7)? #MKUAPod wants to support your Vixen reading! So here’s the deal: JLA Vol. 2 refers to an incarnation of the JLA–the 2006-2011 series–that was initially penned by Brad Meltzer,  pencilled by Ed Benes, and frequently inked by color whiz Sandra Hope. The legendary Black comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie took over writing duties from Brad Meltzer part way through the run. Ed Benes stayed on as penciler. Their pairing includes those Vixen-focused issues #22-26, which are collected in Justice League of America (2006-2011): The Second Coming.

Here’s a comixology link.